Other Inspections

Brookline Fire Prevention conducts various inspections to ensure safety and enforce state and national standards.  Depending on the type of inspection, different channels may be used for scheduling.   Please see below and contact Fire Prevention with any questions at 617-730-2270 or at fireprev@brooklinema.gov.

Smoke Detector Inspection for Sale of a Property (26F)

See our Smoke Detector Inspections page regarding pre-sale smoke detector inspections

Routine Annual or Quarterly Inspection

Facilities that require annual or quarterly fire department inspections as a component of licensure may request inspections by phone at 617-730-2270. When calling, please request a routine annual (or quarterly) inspection and identify the type of facility. Common examples of facilities requiring routine inspection are as follows:

Annual Inspections Required

  • Some out-patient clinics and doctors’ offices
  • Daycares and preschools
  • Afterschool programs
  • Camps
  • Lodging houses
  • Open air parking lots
  • Gas/service stations
  • Restaurants

Quarterly Inspections Required

  • Hospitals that provide in-patient treatment
  • Locked psychiatric facilities
  • Dialysis clinics
  • Clinics that perform day surgeries
  • Certain high occupancy assembly venues
  • Hotels
  • Skilled nursing facilities

Final Inspection Following Construction (Certificate of Occupancy Inspection)

If construction was performed requiring a fire plan review, a final certificate of occupancy inspections is required to close out all permits.  To set up the final inspection please call 617-730-2270 and request a certificate of occupancy inspection.  Include the address and the type of property (residential or commercial).  Residential certificate of occupancy inspections cost $50 per residential unit and must be paid by check on the day of the inspection.  Commercial occupancy inspections are billed based on square footage.   When scheduling a commercial occupancy inspection please have the total square footage of the work area available.   All checks should be made out to the town of Brookline.

Safety Inspection

Safety inspections are performed in response to complaints or concerns, in collaboration with other town departments. Concerns and requests can be directed to fireprev@brooklinema.gov.