New By-Laws Bulletin

Selected highlights of amendments to Zoning and Town By-Laws recently passed by Town Meeting. 

NOTE: Refer to the By-Law certified by the Town Clerk and approved by the Attorney General for official text.

Page last updated: December 1, 2023

Zoning By-Law Amendments: MBTA-Communities Act Consensus Plan

Special Town Meeting 4 Article 1 

Note: The following zoning as passed 11.14.2023 has not formally been submitted to Attorney General for approval. Formal submission to AG will be posted by early December. (44MB)

Index to Zoning

  • M+ Overlay District PDF pp. 1-69
  • Harvard Street Form-Based Zoning
    • Official list of parcels and map: PDF pp. 70-77 , 222
    • One-page map for reference only PDF pp. 96
    • New zoning: PDF pp. 84ff.; Amendments to Zoning By-Law Art. II-IX PDF pp. 78-83

Zoning By-Law Amendments


Sec. 5.93 Massing Requirements for T-5(NH) [north Harvard St. area]

SNAPSHOT: The intent of the new section is to encourage expanded living area in basements, attics, and rear additions by setting forth measurable building-envelope standards that minimize demolition of existing buildings. 

    • Building Depth, max: 60% of Lot Depth. A special permit under Sec. 5.43 not available
    • Number of Stories, max: 2.5
    • Half-Story A story having a maximum floor area of 70% of the area of the floor below
    • Roof Types above second story: Gable, Hip, Gambrel (allowed); Flat, Mansard (prohibited)
    • Dormer Specifications: See by-law
  • Download Full Text of By-Law
  • Date: June 8, 2023 Spring 2023 Article 16 Pending Attorney General Approval


Sec. 6.05 Bicycle Parking and Design Requirements

SNAPSHOT: The by-law (a) increases the required minimum bicycle parking ratios and (b) specifies enforceable design standards to ensure that bicycle parking areas are accessible and feasible facilities that provide protection from theft, vandalism, and inclement weather.

Sec. 6.10 Electric Vehicle Charging Requirements

SNAPSHOT: One of the first by-laws in the U.S. to mandate 100% EV charging infrastructure for multifamily housing via cost-effective, scalable, and customizable design options.