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FY 2020 is year five of the Town's five year Consolidated Plan and Strategy. View the Town's FY 20 AAP here.  

Click here for the FY 2020 CDBG Guidelines and RFP (PDF)

Community Development staff administer the Town's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME grants. Overall, the town receives approximately $1.6 million a year in funds from the federal government to fund and oversee community development initiatives for eligible populations or in eligible areas of Brookline.

What the Grant Funds

The Community Development Block Grant funds:

  • Programs for children from low- and moderate-income families
  • Nonprofits and social service agencies that benefit youths and the elderly
  • Affordable housing rehabilitation, including the Brookline Housing Authority
  • Public facilities improvements, primarily in the lower Brookline Village / Route 9 corridor

Town of Brookline FY 2016-2020 Consolidated Plan

Every five years, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires the Town of Brookline to create a Consolidated Plan as part of the entitlement funding process for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. The Con Plan  serves as the roadmap for the use of CDBG funds over a five year period.  CDBG funds are allocated to address housing and community development needs primarily benefiting  low- to moderate-income families or individuals.  

Process to Complete Con Plan

Needs Assessment
During the months of October 2014 through the beginning of February 2015, the Town engaged in a variety of methods to assess the needs of the community in keeping with the mission of the Community Development Block Grant program. The Town used community outreach (including public meetings and surveys), needs assessments and research data from the 2010 Census, 2013 American Community Survey data and other data sources, 

The Town held two public meetings to address Housing and Non-Housing Needs. Links to the presentations are below:

Housing Needs Assessment (PDF)

Non-Housing Needs Assessment (PDF)

Identified Needs 

After completing the needs assessment process, the town has identified the following needs:

1.) Increase and maintain affordable housing opportunities in the town
2.) Increase and maintain a variety of services for low- to moderate-income residents of all ages, including children, youth, teenagers, and elderly
3.) Increase and Maintain Public Facilities and Infrastructure that is located within CDBG-eligible areas in the town.
4.) Increase and Maintain economic development opportunities for low- and moderate-income business owners 

You can see the completed Consolidated plan here:
Con Plan 2016-2020 (PDF)

FY 2019 Annual Action Plan

The upcoming FY 2018 is year four of the Town's five year Consolidated Plan and Strategy. View copy of the CDBG FY 19 Annual Action Plan (PDF).

For Grantees

Below are files helpful and necessary to fulfill your responsibilities as a CDBG grant subrecipient.