Legal Marijuana Overview

Adult-use Marijuana Retail Establishment

The Town has a maximum cap of four Special Permits and four Licenses for retail marijuana establishments. As of September 2021, four establishments, NETA, Sanctuary Medicinals,  Mission MA Inc, and Comm Ave Canna have received Special Permits and Licenses. Three retailers are operational; NETA, Mission, and Sanctuary Medicinals.

Marijuana Delivery/Courier License

The new Marijuana Delivery Operator Licenses are available exclusively for Certified Economic Empowerment Priority Applicants (EEAs) and Social Equity Program (SEP) Participants for a minimum of three years. The Planning Department submitted Articles 19 & 20, which outline the regulations pertaining to Marijuana Delivery Operator Licenses in the Town of Brookline. On June 3, 2021, Town Meeting voted in support of the proposed Delivery Regulations. The Town is waiting for AG approval before it accepts any requests Host Community Agreements for Delivery Operators and Couriers. However, the new HCAs for Marijuana Delivery Licenses have been voted and approved by the Select Board. Follow this link for the approved Delivery Courier and Delivery Operator HCAs.

Delivery & Courier FAQ

The Delivery Courier FAQ answers some common questions relating to municipal taxes, regulations, and operations.

Please contact Melissa Goff, Deputy Town Administrator for any marijuana license-related matter.

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