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COVID-19 Veterans’ Notice 4/24/2020 Update

Financial Relief Actions -VA is suspending all collection actions on Veteran debts under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department. VA will stop all referrals of delinquent debt to credit reporting agencies and will not take any actions to stop Veterans who are in delinquent status from seeking VA Home Loans. However, collection actions will resume after the termination of the national emergency declaration. VA is also automatically suspending collection action on all new benefit debts and is offering temporary suspension or extended repayment plans for existing benefit debts, whichever the Veteran prefers. To request a suspension or extended repayment plan, or to request a refund on a debt collection that was suspended, contact the Debt Management Center at 1-800-827-0648.

04/01 2020 Update:

Brookline MGL 115 Veterans Benefits: To all our MGL 115 recipients, the Town of Brookline will not count any federal economic stimulus payments as income and the payment will not affect your April or May benefit checks. All MGL 115 benefit checks for April & May will be direct deposit or mailed. Any Brookline veteran wishing to apply for MGL-115 benefits please contact me at

and leave a phone number. You may also leave a message at the Public Health Office with a return phone number. We are extending the requirement for applying for MGL-115 burial benefits from 60 days to 180 days. I am suspending the requirement for veterans with employment plans to conduct job searches for the next 90 days.

VA Medical: The VA is setting up a drive-thru testing site at WX VA hospital (by Appointment only) and a COVID-19 isolation ward has been setup. Most non-essential medical VA office appointments / elective procedures have been postponed and virtual appointments are being used as much as possible. All prescriptions are being refilled by mail. Again, the best way I have found to communicate with your VA healthcare provider or to refill a prescription is to use your My Healthy Vet account. If you need technical assistance or want to do a test call with a VA help desk technician, please call the National Telehealth Technology Help Desk at (866) 651-3180 or (703) 234-4483 Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. through 11 p.m. EST

If you receive healthcare from the VA and believe you have COVID-19 symptoms please call your VA primary care provider to see if you meet the criteria for screening and set up a testing appointment.

VA Compensation & Pension: VA check were issued today as normal. The Boston Regional office is processing claims, however Comp & Pen exams have been suspended. All VBA hearings have been postponed.

VA Burials: The National Veterans Cemetery at Borne is still open, however limits to the size of committal are in effect. Also, if the family wishes a deceased can be buried and the committal can be rescheduled after the crisis.

Claudia and I are working from home, please contact me at if you need service

Bill McGroarty, Director of Veterans Services

COVID-19 Veterans’ Notice

The Brookline Office of Veterans Services is closed to the public, to keep everyone safe due to the Convid-19 virus. 

The office had suspended all transport to the VA hospitals. 

All MGL-115 benefit checks will be mailed for the months of April and May. 

All American Legion and VFW meetings and events at the Brookline Veterans post have been cancelled through April.

The VA Boston Medical Center is not providing prescriptions at the window, only by mail. The best way to order your medication is using the VA My Healthy Vet application. For Veterans who do not have accounts the phone number to the JP pharmacy is (617) 232- 9500. I suggest contacting your provider and asking for a 90 day instead of a 30 day supply. Most providers I have spoke with are good about doing that.

As of March 23rd no interruptions of VA disability and pension checks are anticipated. Please check this site for any changes. 

I spoke to DVS and all VA BVA, hearings have been postponed. 

I suggest you should call your VA provider to see if they are available before going to any regularly scheduled VA medical or comp & pen appointments. 

I also suggest contacting your mental health provider before going in for any regularly scheduled appointments. Many are now doing visit by video conference or voice phone calls. 

If you are having a mental health crisis please call the 24/7 Vetetans Crisis line at 1-800-273-8255.

If you are having a medical emergency Dial 911. 

If you need to contact me, email me at  I am checking my email several times daily and will respond ASAP. 

I will post news about Veterans Services on this site please check for updates. 

Be safe, stay in as much as possible, practice social distancing and good sanitation. We will all get thought this being smart and working together. 

Bill McGroarty
Brookline Office of Veterans Services

American Legion Post 11

American Legion Post 11

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VFW Post 864

Department Responsibilities

Welcome to the Brookline Department of Veterans' Services. The Veterans' Office is responsible for the needs of the veterans of Brookline. We assist veterans / dependents with filing for veterans' benefits under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 115, which is a state-run program, or filing for federal benefits such as VA service-connected or non-service connected disabilities or compensation.

Veterans Patches

Services Provided

Our office is very instrumental in assisting with the following forms of services:

  • Annuities
  • Applying for Social Security
  • Assisting veterans with medical care referrals
  • Counseling
  • Educational benefits
  • Emergency funds
  • Filing of applications for grave markers
  • Filing of other veterans related applications
  • Job search
  • Military records
  • Securing housing
  • Social Security Disability
  • Social Security Supplemental Income
  • Unemployment compensation

The Veterans Office is also responsible for Ceremonies on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, as well as the Adopt A Pole Program and Memorial Square Dedications.

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