Brookline Art Makes Community (BAMC)

Current Activity

Project Summary

  • This initiative aims to support the addition of public art and placemaking activations in Brookline’s commercial areas.
  • Public art and placemaking installations are valuable tools for enhancing commercial area identity and attracting customer foot traffic needed to aid local businesses’ COVID recovery.
  • In April 2022, Brookline’s Select Board allocated $225,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to fund public art and place making activations in Brookline’s commercial areas.
  • The need for more visual vibrancy in Brookline’s commercial areas to create a richer in-person sensory experience, as well as make Brookline’s main streets more photogenic (i.e. “Instagrammable”), was identified as a priority in the Town’s Rapid Recovery Plan.
  • An excerpt of the Rapid Recovery Plan’s “Art in Found Places” project, which was the basis for this initiative, is linked here for reference.
  • In addition to the photo examples included in the Rapid Recovery Plan excerpt, some additional examples of potential commercial area public art or placemaking installations include murals, mosaics, sculptures, decorative utility boxes, lighting installations, and sidewalk art.

2022 Recap

  • September 2022: Steering Committee first convened.
  • End of September: The new public art initiative was renamed Brookline Art Makes Community (BAMC) and a logo and website were created as well.
  • October 2022: In preparation of new public art installations, BAMC created a Public Art Directory and Map of existing public artwork in Brookline’s commercial areas.
  • November 2022: A Community Engagement Event was held at the Beacon Street Art Gallery in Coolidge Corner for the Brookline community to learn more about this new public art initiative, while contributing input on preferred types of public art, as well as potential locations for public art installations.
  • December 2022: An online Public Art Interests Survey was conducted to seek additional input from the extended Brookline community on preferred types of public art, as well as potential site locations for public art installations.

Current Commercial Area Public Artwork