Construction Management & Transportation Access Plan Guidelines

Construction Management Plan Guidelines

The intent of the Construction Management Plan Guidelines is to minimize the negative traffic impacts, delays, and public safety hazards caused by public and private construction. During the permitting process, actions by various Town Boards, Commissions and Departments are undertaken to insure that the public's concerns are addressed and that, after construction is complete and the contractors with their equipment removed, each project will be a partner in improving the quality of life. The objective of these guidelines is to identify traffic impacts before construction, to manage traffic flow during construction, provide temporary accessible pedestrian routes, and to regulate the time and conditions under which construction activities can take place.

Transportation Access Plan Guidelines

The purpose of Transportation Access Plans is to analyze the impacts on the transportation system of new construction and the rehabilitation of existing structures. These guidelines have been prepared to aid the Transportation Division in reviewing transportation impacts in the areas of vehicular traffic, pedestrian and bicycle safety and access, parking, transit usage, site circulation, loading, and construction-related activity.