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Seeing Every Event on Every Calendar

We’ll start with a guide to seeing every calendar item from all the different groups that keep calendars.

On the homepage, notice the calendar on the right. You can click Calendar or Event List to see it in different ways.*

Notice that the calendar shows which dates have events on them. You can click individual dates to see everything that’s happening that day.

You can also click individual events to see more about each one.

Or, you can see even more events by clicking View All Events.

That takes you to a page with all of this month’s calendar events on it.

This is a list of everything that’s going on this month. Use these arrows or this drop-down menu to check out other months.

We can also click these tabs on the top left to see just this week, or see it as a list of events.

 Searching for Events

Now, if we’re looking for a particular event, we can use the search bar.


Just enter a keyword, then click search. You can also limit the search to particular dates by typing them the Start Date and End Date boxes to the left, or click the nearby calendar icon to select a date manually. 

Notice that you can click the Show Past Events checkbox to search past events as well.

And finally before we search, you can use the Select a Calendar drop-down menu on the right to decide which calendars you want to search in.

Right now, it’s set to search every calendar, but we can change that by unchecking some boxes.

When you’re ready, click the magnifying glass button on the far right, or hit the Enter key on your keyboard to search.

Learning More About Individual Events

Let’s go back to the month-by-month view again.

We can learn more about individual events by clicking them to reveal a new window with new information.

To learn even more, click More Details. This takes you to a new page with all the details in one place.

*If you’re not on the homepage, you can always get to this page with all the calendar events by hovering over the Government tab at the top, then clicking Calendar.

**Some dates have too many events at once. Click Show More to see them all. 


Seeing Just One Committee’s Calendar

If you’re just looking for events from a single board, committee or other group, it’s usually best to find their page on the website. Most committees and departments have their calendars posted in a prominent place.

Here’s what that looks like on the Housing Advisory Board’s page, for example:


You can click an event to see more about it, or click View All Events to see all upcoming events. 

If there is not a calendar visible, that usually means that there are no upcoming events for that group. You can see past events by going to the Government Tab at the top and clicking Calendar just like we did before…

…then check the box that says Show Past Events

…Use the Select a Calendar drop-down on the right to check the boxes for the committee you want to see…


…and click the magnifying glass to search.