RFP/23-01 Skyline Park Synthetic Turf Replacement

11/9/22 - The Town seeks a qualified and capable consulting team to design for the replacement of the existing Skyline Park synthetic turf. The new system will be certified PFAS free, or as PFAS free as is practicable. The new synthetic turf shall be recyclable to the maximum extent practicable. The turf system shall use an organic infill system which shall also be certified PFAS and other pollutant free. The Design Process with the Town will include at least three Design Review Committee (DRC) Meetings with the public, and at least one Park & Recreation Committee meeting. The Town wishes to complete the DRC/ Park & Recreation process and have a project fully designed and publicly bid, and ready for construction in June 2023. The Town understands this is a tight timeframe and will look to the design consultant for suggestions and assistance in meeting this goal.  To request the complete RFP document, contact Scott Landgren at (617) 879-5650 or [email protected]  The proposal deadline is Wednesday, 11/30/22 at 5:00pm.