Town Meeting

Town Meeting is Brookline's Legislative arm of government. It consists of 240 elected Town Meeting members (PDF), plus the members of the Select Board, and any state representative or state senator who resides in Brookline. In addition, the Town Moderator, who presides over Town Meeting, and the Town Clerk, who acts as secretary, are voting members. The 240 are elected by precinct, with 15 members elected from each of the town's 16 precincts. The members are elected for staggered 3-year terms so that 5 members are elected from each precinct each year in the May annual town election.

Responsibilities & Meetings

Town Meeting is responsible for passing a balanced annual town budget, and enacts all town bylaws. An Annual Town Meeting is held in the spring to enact the following year's budget, plus whatever other matters are placed on the Town Meeting warrant, either by the Select Board or by citizen petition. The Annual Town Meeting is usually held the last week in May or the first week in June. A special Town Meeting is held each fall, usually in November, to deal with any budget changes, zoning by-law amendments, or other matters placed on the warrant. See the Town Meeting Members Handbook (PDF) for more information on Town Meeting and its procedures.

Although only elected Town Meeting members may vote and propose motions, the public is invited to attend and the sessions are carried live on Brookline Access Television.

Annually after the Town Election, and prior to the start of the Annual Town Meeting, the Moderator conducts an Orientation Session for newly-elected Town Meeting Members.  A YouTube video of the 2019 Orientation may be viewed here:

New Town Meeting Member Fills Vacancy in Precinct Six

Malcolm Doldron, of 83 Harvard Street, was elected by a caucus of the remaining members of Precinct Six to fill the vacancy resulting from the death of Virginia W. LaPlante. Mr. Doldron will represent Precinct Six until the next Annul Town Election.

Town Meeting Member Vacancy in Precinct Three

A vacancy for Town Meeting Member exists in Precinct Three due to the resignation of Benjamin R. Doughty. This vacancy may be filled, until the next Annual Town Election, by a caucus of the remaining members of that precinct. This caucus can be initiated only by a petition signed by not less than five Town Meeting Members from that precinct.