REAP Program

About the Program

The Retirement Engagement Alternatives Program (REAP) flourishes as a program that matches Brookline residents 60 years and older with local employment opportunities at no charge to either party.

While retirement can be appealing and fulfilling for many, there are some who need work to supplement Social Security income or help pass the time and offer some structure to their day. We hear from employers that this is a win-win situation benefiting everyone, as older workers are reliable and dependable with proven experience and a work ethic that is hard to match.

REAP Program Employment Information


While part-time work is in great demand, some seniors are looking for full-time employment. Currently salaries range from $8 to $20 hourly.

Job Field Options

REAP clients have been placed in a variety of fields including:
  • Driving
  • Food service
  • Office work
  • Sales
  • Teaching
  • Telemarketing

Seeking New Opportunities

REAP continually seeks new job listings and new applicants. Employers are encouraged to hire Brookline’s competent older workers as a solution to their work force needs, from lunch-time coverage to full-time positions. Job applicants can benefit from our job bank and matching services, as well our informational and educational programs on how to conduct an effective job search in our increasingly high tech business and office environments.

Continuing Education

As an adjunct to our REAP program, we recommend that all employment seekers acquire computer literacy and skills.

Computer Education Program

The Brookline Senior Center is pleased to offer computer training to seniors including basic and advanced courses in conjunction with Brookline Adult Education. All courses are held in the computer lab at the Senior Center and taught by patient professionals who are happy to help job seekers gain or increase their computer skills and confidence.

Additional Information

The REAP program can be reached by phoning REAP Coordinator Kaila Atkins at 617-730-2767 or by email.