Town Meeting Members Association (TMMA)

The Brookline TMMA is open to all Brookline, MA Town Meeting members, and is intended for open discussion of issues pertaining to Town Meeting, the Warrant, and any related Town, precinct, or neighborhood issues. It is sponsored by the Town Meeting Members Association of Brookline, MA (TMMA), who make it available as a public service, in order to promote better communication among Town Meeting members. However, the TMMA is not responsible for the content of the messages posted by members; such messages are the responsibility of the individual members who post them, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the TMMA as a whole.


The TMMA's mission, as laid out in the TMMA bylaws in 2018, is:

  • To serve as all Town Meeting Members as a non-partisan, non-advocacy based association;
  • To foster open, efficient, and effective participatory and democratic governance in the Town of Brookline and to increase the understanding of Town Meeting Members and their constituents of issues facing Brookline which may come before Town Meeting;
  • To gather, develop, and disseminate relevant information about town issues to Town Meeting Members and their constituents for the purpose of providing an informed discussion of issues at Town Meeting;
  • and To consider ways to improve the structure and process of Town Meeting, its efficiency, collegiality, and effectiveness and to encourage broad participation of Town Meeting Members.

Executive Board

PresidentCarlos Ridruejo (pct. 14)
Vice PresidentSusan Park (pct. 17)
TreasurerPetra Bignami (pct. 12)
Recording SecretaryBruce Levin (pct. 17)
Corresponding SecretaryHarry Friedman (pct. 12)

Precinct Representatives

Precinct 1Neil GordonKatherine IngrahamAnthony Ishak (alternate)
Precinct 2Brenda HochbergCarlos TamayoDavid Trevvett (alternate)
Precinct 3

Precinct 4Thomas AmbrosePaul HsiehMarianna Yang (alternate)
Precinct 5Wendy FriedmanPerry Grossman
Precinct 6

Precinct 7Susan CohenSusan GranoffPatricia Maher (alternate)
Precinct 8David Marc GoldsteinFran Perler
Precinct 9Damon Erik GraffBob WeintraubJudith Vanderkay (alternate)
Precinct 10

Precinct 11

Precinct 12Emily DolbearAmy HummelMazal Jaret (alternate)
Precinct 13Andy FischerJohn Doggett
Precinct 14Carla Benka

Precinct 15Eileen BergerKris KnaufDeb Hatzieleftheriadis (alternate)
Precinct 16Stephen ChiumentiRichard MurphyDeb Abner(alternate)
Precinct 17Linda Olson PehlkeSusie RobertsBeatka Zakrzewski (alternate)

Email Group

To join this eGroup, send an email to [email protected] (Please include your name, address, and the precinct for which you are a Town Meeting member).

TMMA Reference Files