Submitting Articles

Submission Requirements

Articles may be submitted for insertion in the Warrant for any Annual or Special Town Meeting under the signatures of 10 registered voters of the Town of Brookline.

Articles, to be properly submitted before the Warrant for said meeting closes, must be filed in the office of the Select Board prior to noon on the 75th day preceding the scheduled date of the opening session of that Town Meeting.

Notice of Warrant

At least 14 days prior to the opening of the Warrant for any Annual or Special Town Meeting, the Select Board will post notices of their intention to do so in at least 10 public places and will publish a notice of the opening and closing dates of the Warrant in the local newspaper.

Submission Tip

It is recommended that articles be submitted in advance to Town Counsel or the Town Moderator, or both, to review issues of legality and form.

Submission During Remote Town Meeting

Once the Warrant opens on August 5th the Office of the Select Board will accept the submission of Warrant Articles for the 2021 Special Town Meeting in person, or by appointment at the Town Hall. Electronic copies of your article should still be sent to Deputy Town Administrator Melissa Goff at, but the Town Clerk will need wet (non-electronic) signatures for the 10 registered voters.  The easiest way to file your Warrant Article with the required signatures is to schedule an appointment with the staff via the Calendly scheduling application linked here to accept your article at Town Hall. You can email for any questions. Mail-in submissions will be accepted as long as they are physically received at the Town Hall by Thursday, September 2nd at 12 p.m.