Registration Desk at Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest Seminar

Cynthia Pearson and Kerry Fleming at the registration desk of the September 19, 2019 Open Meeting and Conflict of Interest Law seminar hosted by the Office of Town Counsel.

Welcome to the Office of Town Counsel website. The Office of Town Counsel provides legal counsel to the Town of Brookline. Our attorneys and staff provide legal representation and support to Town of Brookline Officials, Boards and Commissions, Department Heads, and staff in matters concerning the Town and Town related business.

Please note that we are unable to provide legal assistance to private citizens concerning private matters.


  • Joslin Ham Murphy, Town Counsel 
  • Patricia Correa, First Assistant Town Counsel 
  • John Buchheit, Associate Town Counsel 
  • Michael Downey, Associate Town Counsel
  • Jonathan Simpson, Associate Town Counsel 
  • Kerry Fleming, Senior Paralegal 
  • Jane Tavolieri, Senior Office Clerk