Filing a Claim

Should you have a claim against the Town of Brookline, please submit a claim letter with the details of your claim to

Town Clerk
333 Washington Street
Brookline, MA

The claim letter should include your contact information, along with relevant information in support of your claim (including, the date, time, specific location and alleged cause of the incident or accident giving rise to your claim). Please note that certain time limitations may apply to the date by which your claim letter must be submitted pursuant to state law. Please consult with your attorney for more information in this regard.

Tips & Advice

Depending on the type of claim, you may want to contact your insurance company for assistance. Additionally, there may be statutorily imposed requirements in presenting your claim, such as time limits and to whom the claim should be submitted. Therefore, you may wish to consult with an attorney for legal advice. The town is not responsible for state highways, such as Route 9, which are managed and maintained by Massachusetts Highway Department. Such claims should be directed to the state.

Please be aware that all claims are investigated on an individual basis, therefore, no specific time period can be given for a decision on a claim.