Births, Deaths & Marriages

The Health Department issues burial permits, not the Town Clerk. For questions regarding burial permits, call the Health Department at 617-730-2300.

Requesting Vital Records

The Town Clerk's office accepts the filing and maintains the records of all births, deaths and marriages.

The fee for a certified copy of a vital record is $15
The fee for amending vital records, through a record change deposition, is $50.

The Town Clerk is authorized to issue certified copies of:

  • Birth certificates: Anyone born in Brookline or whose parents were residents of Brookline at the time of the birth.
  • Death certificates: Any death within the Town of Brookline or if the deceased was a resident of Brookline at the time of death.
  • Marriage certificates: Any couple who filed their marriage intention at the Town Clerk's Office in Brookline. Please note that even if the marriage took place in Brookline, we will not have the record unless the marriage intention was filed here.
  • Residency / Voter Certificates: Anyone who submitted their annual street listing census or registered their voter information in Brookline. 

The Town Clerk also administers adoption and record-change depositions. Please email the Town Clerk's Office at [email protected] for more information.

Certified copies of records may be obtained from the Office of the Town Clerk in person during regular business hours, by mail or on-line. All certificates are processed the next business 1-2 business days and sent by mail to the Post Office. Expedited mail service is not available.