Raffles & Bazaars

Eligibility for Application

Nonprofit organizations in existence for more than 2 years, and are one of the following organizations, may apply to the Town Clerk's office to conduct a raffle or a bazaar:

  • Church or religious organizations
  • Civic or service club organizations
  • Club or organization operated exclusively for pleasure, recreation and other nonprofit purposes, where no part of the net earnings inures to the benefit of any member or shareholder
  • Educational or charitable organizations
  • Fraternal or fraternal benefit societies
  • Veterans' organizations chartered by Congress

About Raffles & Bazaars

The fee to file an application to conduct a raffle or a bazaar is $50.


A raffle is an arrangement for raising money by the sale of tickets, certain among which, as determined by chance after the sale, entitle the holder to prizes.


A bazaar is a place maintained by the sponsoring organization for disposal by means of chance of one or both of the following prizes: (1) merchandise of any value, or (2) cash awards, not to exceed $25 each.