Handicap Parking

Requesting a Handicap Parking Space

A resident who desires a designated curbside handicap parking space in front of or near their residence, may submit a completed application (PDF) to the Transportation Division for consideration by the Transportation Board at its next available meeting. A completed application must include:

  • Copy of a valid Massachusetts Disabled Persons Parking Identification Placard. To apply for a placard, contact the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles - Medical Affairs
  • Copy of a valid driver's license and vehicle registration indicating the residence location of the party requesting the handicap parking space
  • Signed application form including applicant and physician statements

Parking Space Application Process

The Transportation Division will notify applicants and the abutting neighborhood when the handicap parking space request is to be considered by the Transportation Board. If the Transportation Board approves the request, the signage designating the curbside handicap parking space will be installed by the DPW Highway Department in approximately 1 month.

Appealing Denied Parking Space Requests

There is a 21-day appeal period for all Transportation Board decisions. Appeals can be filed with the Board of Selectman's office to review the Transportation Board's decision.

Additional Information

Applicants for a handicapped parking space are reminded that:

  • Any handicap parking space created is available for use by any vehicle displaying a valid handicap license plate or placard
  • Overnight parking in a handicap space during declared snow emergencies is not allowed