Resident Daytime Permit Parking

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    Guide to Registering
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    Guide to Applying

You can also download a printable Resident Permit Parking Application (PDF) and submit it either in-person or by mail to:
DPW - Transportation Division
333 Washington Street
4th Floor
Brookline, MA 02445

About the Program

The Brookline Resident Permit Parking (RPP) Program allows a motor vehicle displaying a valid resident permit sticker to park on your residential side street in excess of 2 hours from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. It does not exempt the vehicle from posted parking regulations such as NO PARKING 8 A.M. to 10 A.M.

About the Permits

The Transportation Board wants to preserve the livability of our residential neighborhoods by discouraging non-residents (e.g., commuters and commercial area shoppers) from parking on residential streets for long periods. However, residents who live in areas that experience high levels of on-street parking by non-resident vehicles will benefit from not having to move their vehicles to another street every 2 hours during daytime hours.


  • Cost: Annual fee of $30 per permit
  • Renewal: Annual renewal by July 1st, expiring June 30th

Permit Restrictions

The Brookline RPP Program does not prohibit non-residents from parking on local streets for less than 2 hours, nor does it guarantee neighborhood residents an on-street parking space whenever they want one. Participants in the RPP Program also are not allowed to park overnight or to violate any other parking regulations that may be in effect on your street.

Application Requirements

This application must include:

  • Payment of the $30 permit fee per vehicle by cash, check, and credit card (not American Express) made out to the "Town of Brookline"
  • A valid Massachusetts drivers license bearing a Brookline address
  • A valid Massachusetts vehicle registration indicating that the vehicle is garaged in Brookline (Note: owners of leased vehicles must provide a copy of a signed lease demonstrating that the leasing company is aware that it is garaged in Brookline)

Resident Parking Permit Eligibility

A resident parking permit may be issued to the owner of vehicle that is registered to a Brookline address with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. The only exceptions are leased or company cars under the custody of an applicant who can provide proof of residency on a residential street within the Town of Brookline that qualifies for the program under Article V(b) Section 7 of the Traffic Rules & Regulations.

Renewing Resident Parking Permits

Residential parking permits are valid for a term of 1 year from July 1 to June 30, regardless of the actual date of issuance. Renewals can be made either by mail, online, or in-person at the DPW - Transportation Division at:
DPW Transportation Divisions
333 Washington St.
4th Floor
Brookline, MA 02445

No additional verification will be required to renew a permit, as long as that vehicle is indicated in the previous year’s list of permit holders and its vehicle registration on file has not expired.

Unqualified Parking Permit Streets

All private ways within the Town of Brookline and the following public ways:

  • Adams Street
  • Beacon Street (999 - 1441; 1609 - 1730)
  • Boylston Place
  • Chapel Street
  • Copley Street
  • Crowninshield Road
  • Elba Street
  • Harvard Street
  • Hayden Road
  • Holden Street
  • John Street
  • Mountfort Street
  • Pearl Street
  • Pierce Street
  • St. Mary’s Street
  • St. Paul Street (Beacon St to Commonwealth Ave)
  • Station Street
  • Webster Place
  • Webster Street

Visitor Permits (for permit parking-only streets)

Only those streets that are restricted, by a vote of the Transportation Board, as ’Permit Parking Only" qualify for a visitor permit. These permits allow a vehicle visiting a residential address on one of the streets listed below to park for a maximum of 5 consecutive days. The cost of these permit hang tags is $5.00 with a maximum of 2 per resident. The following streets qualify for the visitor program:

  • Chestnut Hill Avenue (439 - 474)
  • Clinton Road (300 - 419)
  • Penniman Road
  • Taylor Crossway
  • Willard Road

Resident Permits Near Brookline High School

If you live on one of the following streets you should go to the administration office at the Brookline High School to apply for your resident permit sticker:

  • Blake Road
  • Davis Avenue (151 - 205)
  • Gorham Avenue
  • Greenough Street
  • Lowell Road
  • Somerset Road
  • Stanton Road
  • Tappan Street (46 - 125)
  • Welland Road