Temporary Parking Permit: Conditions

Validation Conditions

  • A permit allows its holder to park a uniquely identified vehicle on a designated street during the hours and on the dates specified. Parking for less than 2 hours does not require a temporary permit.
  • A permit is valid only for the time period shown on the permit. If conditions warrant, this permit may be renewed. The issue and continued use of this permit shall be at the discretion of the DPW Transportation Division.
  • A permit must be displayed on the dashboard of the driver side of the car.

Special Permit Conditions

  • All permits are void during declared snow emergencies.
  • Applicants for a temporary parking permit must demonstrate that no alternative off-street parking is available to meet their needs.
  • The holder of a permit must conform with all parking restriction and prohibitions posted by signage or otherwise in effect on the assigned street (e.g., do not park in a loading zone, on a crosswalk, or in a no parking zone, etc.).
  • The issuance of a permit does not guarantee the holder that a parking space will be available when needed.

Temporary Parking Permits on Holidays

The Deputy Superintendent of the Police Department - Traffic Division, may on special occasions and holidays allow on-street parking in violation of the 2-hour daytime parking restriction or overnight parking ban. For information on what holidays are covered under this policy please contact the Police Department at 617-730-2230.