Storm Safety

BEFORE THE STORM... Make sure you have what you need

  • Build an emergency kitcar in a snow storm
  • Have a battery powered radio and extra batteries
  • Have enough of your medication for 5 days
  • Have some cash on hand
  • Stock up on non-perishable food, canned food, and pet food
  • Fully charge cellphones and other devices

Prepare your home/vehicle

  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Stock up on plenty of water
  • Have a flashlight and batteries
  • Have extra blankets
  • Make sure your car is fully fueled

DURING THE STORM... In case of a power outage

  • Unplug your sensitive equipment if you don't have surge protectors
  • Report the power outage as soon as possible
  • Stay as far away as possible from any downed wires outside
  • Never install a generator inside your home
  • Stay warm by wearing layers, a hat, gloves, extra socks and bundling up in blankets

AFTER THE STORM... Remain alert

  • Call 911 to report downed wired
  • Stay away from downed wired and never drive over a power line
  • Do not touch anything in contact with a downed wire including trees, fences, or puddles of water
  • Check your appliances for damage
  • Check your food in fridge and freezer for freshness