Community Preservation Act Funding

Community Engagement Opportunities!

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Background Information

The Town of Brookline adopted the Community Preservation Act in May 2021. For general information about the Community Preservation Act & project funding please see

The Community Preservation Committee looks forward to establishing a budget framework and priorities for the use of Community Preservation Act funds in Brookline.  For initial information about CPA in Brookline see our FAQs info sheet. You can also review all CPA-related files in our Document Center.

  1. Tina McCarthy

    Preservation Planner - Community Preservation Planner

CPA Funding Process

Brookline’s first Community Preservation Act (CPA) state match was allocated in the Fall of 2022. The Town received a 38.51% match in the amount of $1,026,855 to the Community Preservation fund.  The Community Preservation Coalition advocated on behalf of CPA communities to obtain additional state match funding, increasing the matching funds received by about 8%. 

The Community Preservation Committee hired a consultant, JM Goldson, in January 2023 to develop Brookline’s Community Preservation Plan and Application process. The Committee hopes to develop this plan with robust participation from community stakeholders. Community engagement activities are planned for the Spring of 2023. 

The current timeline has the Committee on track to accept the first CPA applications in the fall of 2023, with the first round of CPA projects funded at Spring Town Meeting 2024. The Community Preservation Committee looks forward to working with Brookline residents and stakeholder groups to put these funds to work in the community!