Local Zero Waste Shops

Image of plastic-free home items, such as a dish block, wax wraps, and tote bag

Finding stores where you're able to purchase food and household staples without packaging can be a challenge. Below is a list of local stores and shops that will allow you to purchase unpackaged staples in your own containers.

Also below is a list of local thrift, consignment and vintage stores. Follow this link for more on other textile recycling and reuse programs in Brookline?

  1. Plastic-Free/Bulk Stores
  2. Thrift & Consignment Stores


  • Boston General Store (305 Harvard Street, Brookline): Sells plastic-free cleaning and home tools. Visitors can refill bottles with liquid household cleaners, such as all-purpose cleaner and dish soap.
  • Uvida (395A Washington Street, Brookline & 28 Atlantic Avenue, Boston): Sells bulk household cleaning and personal care products.
  • Brookline Farmer's Market (Centre Street West Parking Lot, Brookline): Vendors sell package-free, local groceries & more. Market open every Thursday, 1:30-6:30 PM from the first Thursday in June until the last Thursday before Thanksgiving.

Neighboring Municipalities

  • Fulfilled Goods (612 Washington Street, Newton): Sells bulk home cleaning, personal care supplies, and pantry staples. Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers to fill.
  • Cambridge Naturals (23 White Street, Cambridge): Sells bulk teas, herbs and spices. They also offer locally milled package-free bar soap.
  • Cleenland (89A Norfolk Street, Cambridge): Sells plastic-free/bulk personal care supplies and bulk home cleaning products.
  • Trove Green Provisions (330A Boston Avenue, Medford): Sells bulk laundry, cleaning and personal care supplies. Many of their products are made in-house or locally.
  • Neighborhood Produce (415 Medford Street, Somerville): Sells bulk pantry staples and cleaning products.

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