Presentations & Workshops

Last Updated: 5/25/23

NOTE: Community Organization meetings, in person group meetings, and precinct meetings that are informal are not listed here. Contact Maria Morelli, Senior Planner, to schedule site walks and discussions/presentations with your community group.


Phase 1: Community Input for Desired Design Outcomes


05.31.23, 06.03.23 (site walk), 06.09.23, 06.21.23, 06.30.23, 07.12.23, 07.21.23 MBTA-CA Multifamily Permitting Committee (District Options) Meetings

06.05.23 Economic Development Advisory Board: Harvard Street Financial incentive for ground floor commercial, table of uses

06.27.23 Update #4 to Select Board: Initial Review of Compliance Options with MBTA-CA Multifamily Permitting Committee 

06.28.23, 06.29.23 Harvard Street Phase 2 Workshops: Property-specific test fits 

July 2023 Harvard Street Phase 3 Workshops: Draft Form-Based Code Zoning concepts 

Mid-July 2023 Harvard Street First Zoning Draft for public, boards to review

07.11.23, 07.25.23, 08.15.23 OR 08.22.23 Select Board and Planning Board Joint Meetings prior to Fall Town Meeting Warrant Article Deadline



05.24.23 Update #3 to Select Board, focus on Harvard Street & Form-Based Code with Opticos Consultants

05.19.23 Meeting #3 MBTA-CA Multifamily Permitting Committee (District Options)  

05.12.2023 Harvard St Phase 1 Workshop #1 Babcock to Verndale

05.09.2023 Meeting #2 MBTA-CA Multifamily Permitting Committee (District Options) 

05.09.2023 Harvard MBTA-CA: Small Business Development Committee: holistic zoning plan for commercial success

  • Slides
  • Recording

05.08.2023 Harvard MBTA-CA: Economic Development Advisory Board: preliminary financial incentive for ground-floor commercial, proforma highest-best use, table of uses

  • Slides Part 1 (incentive) and Slides Part 2 (uses)
  • Recording

04.26.2023 Meeting #1 MBTA-CA Multifamily Permitting Committee (District Options)

04.25.2023 Update #2 to Select Board: Guidance Change Requests, District Options, & Property Tax Questions

04.24.20230 District Options Workshop #3, including discussion of M-Districts  

04.14.2023 District Options Workshop #2, including discussion of T-Districts 

04.12.2023 Harvard MBTA-CA Coolidge Corner Merchants Associations Q&A

04.07.2023 Harvard MBTA-CA Black & Brown Club Inc. Q&A

04.04.2023 MBTA-CA Compliance Overview & District Options Workshop #1

04.03.2023 Update to Economic Development Advisory Board

04.03.2023 Harvard MBTA-CA Meeting #2 Brookline Council on Aging Network Livable Communities

03.28.2023 Update #1 to Select Board: District Options including Harvard Street & Overall Timeline

03.15.2023 Harvard Street Community Visioning Kickoff

02.28.2023 Opticos Design Contract

02.07.2023 Select Board Direction to Staff

01.31.2023 Harvard St Proposal /Funding Request Select Board

  • memo to Select Board (.pdf page 24)
  • presentation slides
  • Recording: Select Board meeting discussion [jump to 1:30:30] and vote to "allocate $277,000 from the Town's currently unallocated competitively available American Rescue Plan Act funds to the Department of Planning and Community Development’s Fiscal Year 2023 operating budget for the purposes of engaging a consultant to help develop a form-based zoning district compliant with the MBTA Communities Act along Harvard Street"

01.11.2023 Initial Proposal to Planning Board & Preservation Commission

01.09.2023 Initial Proposal to Economic Development Advisory Board

01.04.2023 Initial Proposal to Housing Advisory Board 

12.05.2022 Initial Proposal to Economic Development Advisory Board

COMMUNITY GROUPS (partial list)

Contact the community group for recordings. Informal conversations with Chairpersons of many groups are not recorded and therefore not listed here.

Black N Brown Club Inc.

Brookline CAN Livable Communities Advisory Council

Council on Aging

Greater Boston Interfaith Organization

Mothers Out Front

  • Slides | Responses to Questions

Small Business Committee



12.21.2021 Presentation to Housing Advisory Board