Burial Permits

Please note: The Department of Public Health is only authorized to issue burial permits. For Death Certificates, please see the Town Clerk's Births, Deaths and Marriages page.


Burial permit iconThere is no requirement to hold a body for a period of time before burial. Burial can take place as soon as a permit is issued and the cemetery is ready. Burial must take place in a municipal or private cemetery approved by the local board of health. If cremated remains are to be buried in a cemetery, a burial permit must be provided to the cemetery. Local jurisdictions should be contacted if a second burial permit is required. In the case of violent or unexplained death, the body must be turned over to a medical examiner or coroner and may be kept several days while the cause of death is investigated. (Source: mass.gov)

Burial Permits

Burial permits are issued through the Electronic Death Registration System. Funeral directors must sign into the system to generate the permits. Once the funeral director releases the permit, the Department of Public Health will issue the burial permit on the following day. The fee for a burial permit is $20. Permit fees can be paid through the town's payment portal or by mailing a check or money order to the department: 11 Pierce Street, Brookline, MA, 02445.

Burial Permit Status

If you would like to check the status of a burial permit that has been submitted contact the Brookline Department of Public Health (617) 730-2300. Family members checking the status of a burial permit should contact the registered funeral director overseeing the disposition.