Town Meeting Files

5/23/23 Annual Town Meeting (includes 5/23/23 STM within Annual)

Town Meeting Files

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5/23/23 Annual Town Meeting Materials

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  1. Article 1: Appointment of Measurers of Wood and Bark

Article 1: Appointment of Measurers of Wood and Bark. (Select Board)

Article 1 Combined Report (without Article Supplements)

  1. Article 2: Approval of Collective Bargaining Agreements
  1. Article 3: Annual authorization of Compensating Balance Agreements
  1. Article 4: Report on the close-out of special appropriations / Bond Authorization Rescission
  1. Article 5: Approval of unpaid bills of a prior fiscal year
  1. Article 6: Acceptance of legislation to increase certain property tax exemptions
  1. Article 7: Annual (FY24) Budget Appropriations Article
  1. Article 8: Annual (FY24) Community Preservation Program Budget
  1. Article 9: Increase Number of Signatures for Petitioned Warrant Articles
  1. Article 10: Define and require lead petitioners for warrant articles
  1. Article 11: Revise the process for Select Board and Advisory recommendations and hearings on warrant articles
  1. Article 12: Change Auditor Requirements 
  1. Article 13: Establish an Office of Housing Stability 
  1. Article 14: Lower Unit Threshholds for Onsite Affordable Housing
  1. Article 15: Stretch Code and Specialized Energy Code
  1. Article 16: Modify Massing Requirements in Two T-5 (2 Family) Zones
  1. Article 17: Permit two additional Storefront Cannabis Retailers licenses for Equity Applicants
  1. Article 18: Establish penalties for repeat violations of requirements for refuse storage and removal
  1. Article 19: Create a Brookline Black N Brown Commission
  1. Article 20: Safe Haven Provisions relative to Reproductive and Gender Healthcare
  1. Article 21: Establish training, notice and reporting requirements for Innholders to prevent human trafficking 
  1. Article 22: Home Rule petition to establish ranked choice voting in Town elections  
  1. Article 23: Police Department in-car and body worn camera policy Resolution
  1. Article 24: MBTA Communities Act Resolution
  1. Article 25: Reports of Town Officers and Committees

5/23/23 Special Town Meeting

Article 1: Amendment to General By-Law Section 6.6, Regarding Discharging and Carrying Firearms

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12/13/2018 Special Town Meeting