Baker Tennis Court Renovation

Baker Tennis Courts

Construction Updates

August 23, 2023

The contractor has continued work on the courts over the last month. The paving on the courts is complete and is now curing before the paint and lines can be applied. Repairs of the stairs from Baker School down to the court have been completed as well as the walkway that connects the stairs to Hancock Village. The boardwalk entry into the Sanctuary has been extended and is now an accessible entryway. Painting of the courts is currently scheduled for the first week in September. The walkway will be open for access to the school on the first day. 

July 20, 2023

The renovation of the courts is well underway. The contractor NELM Corp. has milled the courts and is prepping them for the new paving. Footings for the net post are being installed as well as the perimeter fence. The contractor is also prepping the stairs for repairs. In the next few weeks, the fencing work will continue then the courts will be paved. After paving the courts need a 30-day curing times before the paint and lines can be applied.

Photo: Fence post installation along court edge.

Project Description

Installation of the fence post at Baker Tennis Courts. Baker Tennis Courts are on the Baker School property that includes significant grade changes. The highest point is in the front playground and field area, with a steep drop to the tennis court. Mature oaks and a garden are located at the front of the property. The recreational facilities include 5 tennis courts, a small play area, one and one-half basketball courts, and a softball infield. The wooded hillside behind the fields and the tennis courts are adjacent to the D. Blakely Hoar Conservation Area.

Park History

This property was purchased in 1935 in conjunction with the building of the Baker School. In 1949, the town constructed 5 tennis courts. The playground was renovated in 1999 to 2000. The tennis courts were resurfaced in 2004.

Park Renovation Project

The renovation of Baker Tennis Courts will include replacing the bituminous court surfacing, new nets and new line painting for both tennis and pickleball. The project also will include replacing the chain link fencing, repairs to the boardwalk and installing new ornamental metal fencing.

Project Updates

Construction to start in June 2023 and be completed in Fall 2023.