Language Access and Effective Communication


The Town of Brookline’s Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Relations contracted with Language Equity & Access Partners (LEAP), a language access consulting organization, to conduct a needs assessment for language access and ADA effective communication to better understand and improve how the Town provides language and communications access to constituents who use languages other than English (LOTE) and who have disabilities.

Over the past year, Language Equity & Access Partners conducted a needs assessment through external and internal surveys, interviews and focus groups with community and civic organizations, experts and advocates, Brookline LOTE and residents with disabilities, as well as with Town Departments and Employees.

All Findings, Presentations, and Reports will be available at this page. 

Preliminary Findings Presentation (April 10, 2023)

Language Equity and Access Partners share the preliminary findings of the Needs Assessment and give an update on the timeline of the remainder of the project.

Recording of Presentation:
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Final Language Access and Effective Communication Needs Assessment Report  (April 2023)