Traffic Calming Policy

Traffic Calming Policy

The DPW - Transportation Division receives numerous complaints each year from Brookline residents claiming that motorists are speeding on their streets. The DPW staff coordinates closely with the Brookline Police Department Traffic Division to review all complaints and prioritize them based on our familiarity with traffic flow and safety conditions in the area. As a result, a neighborhood request for a safety improvement evaluation cannot always be addressed by the DPW in the order in which it is received.

Requesting Safety Improvements

If you or your neighborhood association would like to request that a safety improvement measure or measures be evaluated for application on a specific street or streets, complete the Traffic Calming Request Form (PDF) and submit it to:
DPW - Transportation Division
333 Washington St.
4th Floor
Brookline, MA 02445

Reviewing Traffic Calming Requests

In accordance with the Traffic Calming Policy the order in which applications are reviewed and studied are:

  • Date of receipt of submitted proposal
  • Streets that are / could be heavily traveled by pedestrians and bicyclists seeking access to a public park, senior center, public/government building, commercial area, public transit stations, or private facility (e.g., school, healthcare facility)
  • Streets that have been scheduled by the DPW for reconstruction in the near future and thereby present opportunities to leverage reconstruction efforts while simultaneously undertaking traffic calming installation
  • Streets that provide access to a public school, or represent major walk-to-school or bicycle-to-school routes