License Fee Schedule

General Licenses

Type of LicenseFee
Block Party$0
Coin-operated amusement devices$175 / Machine
Entertainment Other$0
Estate sales$10
Food Vendor$255 (Outdoor seating for Common Victuallers only)
Mobile Food Vendor$75
Secondhand License$225
Secondhand Motor Vehicles$225
Yard Sale$0
General License Fees

Lodging House

Type of LicenseFee
1 to 19 rooms$400
20 to 69 rooms$590
70 to 124 rooms$1,470
125 to 149 rooms$2,050
150 to 249 rooms$3,130
250 to 299 rooms$4,390
300+ rooms$6,440
Lodging House License Fees

Open Air Parking Spaces

Type of LicenseFee
1 to 9 spaces$75
10+ spaces$75 for the first 9 spaces, $15 per additional space
Open Air Parking Space License Fees

Common Victuallers

Type of LicenseFee
1 to 50 seats$445
51 to 100 seats$575
101 to 200 seats$700
201+ seats$765
Entertainment Radio and Taped Music$0
Common Victualler License Fees

Outdoor Dining License Types & Fees

Outdoor Seating License Types and Fees
Type of LicenseFee Effective April 1, 2022Fee Effective January 1, 2023Fee Effective January 1, 2024Fee Effective January 1, 2025
Annual On-Street$1,285$4,165$7,045$9,925
Seasonal On-Street$680$2,360$4,040$5,720
Annual Sidewalk$360$360$360$360
Seasonal Sidewalk$310$310$310$310

* Fee increases must be reviewed and approved by the Select Board prior to implementation.

Liquor Licenses

New liquor application fee is 5% of license fee.

Package Store Licenses

Type of LicenseFee
All Alcohol Package Stores$2,000
Wine / Malt Package Stores$1,500
Package Store License Fees

All Alcohol Club

Type of LicenseFee
Closing before 12 a.m.$2,350
Closing 12:01 a.m. to 1 a.m.$2,600
Closing 1:01 a.m. to 2 a.m.$2,850
All Alcohol Club License Fees

Wine / Malt Common Victualler

Type of LicenseFee
Wine / Malt Common Victualler$2,000
Wine / Malt Common Victualler License Fees

All Alcohol Common Victualler

Type of LicenseFee
Closing before 12 a.m.$3,600
Closing 12:01 a.m. to 1 a.m.$4,100
Closing 1:01 a.m. to 2 a.m.$4,850
All Alcohol Common Victualler License Fees

Innholder (Liquor)

Type of LicenseFee
Closing before 12 a.m.$4,000
Closing 12:01 a.m. to 1 a.m.$4,500
Closing 1:01 a.m. to 2 a.m.$5,000
Innholder Liquor License Fees

Temporary Liquor Licenses

 Type of 1-Day Liquor LicenseFee
All Alcohol - 200 people or less$50
All Alcohol - 400 people or less$75
All Alcohol - 401 people or more$100
Wine / Malt - 200 people or less$25
Wine / Malt - 400 people or less$50
Wine / Malt - 401 people or more$75
Temporary Liquor License Fees