Harvard Street Zoning 

last updated 09.27.2023

Note - for any proposed zoning amendments, updates or meetings following the Warrant Article submission on August 30, 2023, please see the Select Board webpage.  

Celebrating the Community's Vision for Main Street Success

The Department of Planning and Community Development expresses sincere thanks to community stakeholders for the many hours of participating in workshops, site walks, and meetings to shape standards for the continued success of this historic main street district. These enriching contributions have culminated in the Draft Harvard Street Zoning that Town Boards will review at public hearings prior to Town Meeting in November. Your participation during the public comment period is critical. Staff contact: Maria Morelli, [email protected].

Harvard Street Zoning: Focus On...

accessibility  |  ground floor commercial  |  racial equity + affordable housing  |  sustainability  | neighborhood character  |  historic preservation  |  parking and mobility  > Combined Facts Sheets

One-page snapshots of new zoning standards for compliance to meet Town goals. 

Due Diligence Summary

Draft Zoning Documents (up to 8/30/2023)