Electrify Brookline: How-To Guides

Massachusetts has a climate goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, and Brookline Town Meeting resolved to reach that goal locally by 2040. Electrify Brookline is a town-wide, neighborhood-based campaign to help Brookline residents transition our buildings and our vehicles from burning fossil fuels to clean, renewable electric alternatives. This series of How-To Guides, including stories of how your neighbors have made these changes, will help Brookline renters, condo-owners, landlords and homeowners plan out the steps:

These Electrify Brookline How-To Guides Are Available Now

  1. Electrify Your Home — Make a Plan
  2. LED Lighting
  3. Weatherization: Insulation and Air Sealing
  4. Induction Cooking
  5. Heat Pump Water Heaters
  6. Heat Pump Dryers
  7. Heating and Cooling with Air Source Heat Pumps
  8. Electrical Service — What You Need to Know
  9. Renewable Electricity

Why Is This Important

Reducing our climate-damaging emissions from burning fossil fuels is a massive task that will require federal, state and local solutions. But there are individual actions that each of us can take now to reduce our emissions while making our living spaces healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient.