Steering Committee (BAMC)

The Commercial Areas Public Art & Placemaking Initiative is led by the staff of the Economic Development Division in the Planning and Community Development Department for the Town of Brookline, along with a Brookline Commission for the Arts (BCA) - Small Business Development Committee (SBDC) joint subcommittee comprised of members from both the arts and business community in Brookline.


  • Ailish Gilligan (Small Business Development Committee)
  • Andy Dean (Brookline Commission for the Arts)
  • Anne Meyers (Small Business Development Committee)
  • Caroline Barnes (Brookline Artist)
  • Ellen Goodman (Brookline Commission for the Arts) 
  • Fran Char (Brookline Commission for the Arts)
  • Lisa Leger (Small Business Development Committee) 


  • Aaron Norris (Economic Development & Long-Term Planner)
  • Meredith Mooney (Economic Development Director)
  • Gillian Jackson (BCA Administrator and Arts Coordinator)

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