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About Us

The Metro Public Health Collaborative (MPHC) is a public health shared services arrangement between the health departments of Arlington, Belmont, Brookline, and Newton, MA. The MPHC is funded annually through the Massachusetts Public Health Excellence (PHE) grant, which is distributed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and managed by the Brookline Health Department as the MPHC's fiscal agent. Follow this link for more information on the PHE grant program.


Our mission is to increase the equitable delivery of public health services in Arlington, Belmont, Brookline, and Newton, MA. By sharing resources and best practices, by finding shared solutions to shared problems, and by improving local public health infrastructure, we strive to expand access to services and meet the public health needs of our communities efficiently, effectively and equitably.


Our vision is a regional public health coalition that meets the needs of its member communities. By forging partnerships between our municipalities, we promote and protect public health to create a safe, healthy, inclusive and connected region.

Strategic Priorities (2024 - 2028)

  1. Equity: the equitable delivery of public health services across member municipalities
  2. Outcomes: improved health outcomes as a result of collaboration
  3. Access: expanded access to public health services for residents
  4. Efficiency: increased efficiency of public health services through sharing of resources
  5. Sustainability: a regional health structure that can be sustained into the future

Advisory Council

Brookline Health Department (Fiscal Agent)

  • Sigalle Reiss, MPH, RS/REHS - Director/Commissioner of Health & Human Services
  • John Kleschinsky, DrPH, MPH - Assistant Director of Public Health Policy

Arlington Health Department

  • Natasha Waden, MPA - Director of Health & Human Services
  • Pat Martin - Lead Health Compliance Officer

Belmont Health Department

  • Wesley Chin, MPH - Director of Public Health Services
  • Diana Ekman, MS - Assistant Director of Public Health Services

Newton Health Department

  • Linda Walsh, RN, BSN - Commissioner of Health & Human Services
  • Shin-Yi Lao, MPH, RN, BSN - Director of Public Health Services

Regional Health Regulations & Permits

  • In progress

Regional Health Data Reports

  • In progress