Fire Divisions

Administration Division


Fire Department Street View and Police CarThe Administration Division provides the overall leadership and policy direction for the department.

Other Duties

In addition to overseeing all other divisions as well as the Public Safety Business office (a joint venture with the Police Department), the Administration Division also maintains personnel records, and develops and implements both the operating and capital budgets.

Division Staff

These services are delivered by a staff of 5 individuals, consisting of the Fire Chief, the Fire Chief of Operations, an Emergency Management Coordinator, an IT Director, and an Executive Assistant.

Goal of the Division

The primary goal of the Fire Administration Division is to ensure the best delivery of professional fire and other emergency services to the town’s residents and visitors while operating within the confines of the budget.

Equipment Maintenance Division

Functions & Responsibilities

Tower 1The Equipment Maintenance Division's functions and responsibilities are to:

  • Assist in drafting specifications for new apparatus and equipment
  • Develop and perform preventative maintenance programs
  • Develop driver training programs
  • Handle any mechanical problems with self-contained breathing apparatus, engines, or ladder trucks
  • Maintain records relating to stock purchases, apparatus, and inventory
  • Repair and maintain the department's apparatus and related equipment such as hoses, fittings, self-contained breathing apparatus, emergency tools, and appliances
  • Respond to all multiple alarm fires

Division Goal

The goal of the Maintenance Division is to ensure that the Fire Department's fleet of 25 vehicles and the department's emergency equipment are in working condition at all times so that a reliable and rapid response to emergencies is assured.

Maintenance Shop

To deliver these services and goals a maintenance shop is housed at Fire Station 1 and is staffed by 1 master mechanic and 1 general mechanic.

Fire Prevention Division

See more on the Fire Prevention Division webpage.

Fire Suppression (Firefighting) Division


House on Fire The Fire Suppression Division responsibilities include to:

  • Maintain EMT staffed fire companies and perform other emergency services requiring the trained and properly equipped personnel
  • Perform effective rescues when necessary
  • Perform in-service inspections and pre-fire planning
  • Prevent fires and extinguish fires should they occur

Equipment & Personnel

To deliver these services, 7 fire companies, 5 engines, 2 ladder trucks, and associated support and reserve equipment are housed in 5 fire stations. The assigned staff total 147 individuals, including 4 deputy chiefs, 7 captains, 21 lieutenants, and 115 firefighters.

Goals of the Division

Programs of tactics and strategy are developed to anticipate and prepare the appropriate response required at emergencies. The goals of the Firefighting Division are to improve in-service inspection and training, and to deliver trained emergency fire companies to the scene of an incident within 4 minutes with sufficient resources to cope with emergencies.

Training Division

Division Goals & Responsibilities

Drill Tower and LadderThe goal or the Training Division is to provide the best possible training for everyone in the department, regardless of rank, so that each person will operate at their maximum performance level. Responsibilities of the Training Division include:

  • Coordinating firefighter EMT certification
  • Coordinating injury prevention and investigation programs
  • Coordinating state level satellite training programs
  • Developing training programs for in-station training by the officers at each station
  • Instructing newly recruited firefighters in a basic 10-week training course
  • Maintaining all department training records
  • Maintaining each member's first responder certification
  • Promoting the uniformed personnel's development of required skills, knowledge, and abilities to provide hands-on training at Brookline's Fire Academy
  • Providing training in inspections
  • Providing training for those members of officer rank
  • Testing new fire-fighting equipment and techniques

Fire Academy

To deliver these services, a Fire Academy consisting of a 6-story drill tower, along with associated buildings, is provided at the Hammond Street site with a staff of a deputy chief, captain, and lieutenant.

Firefighters ascend a fire engine ladder during a training exercise
Firefighters pose with a fire truck at the training academy