Lotta Bradburn Schick Park Renovation

Existing playground at Shick Park.

Project Description

Lotta Bradburn Shick Park sits on top of a hill enclosed by a stone wall. The park includes an open lawn area, a paved basketball court, and two play areas one for ages 2-5 and the other for ages 5-12 years old. The park has a number of large trees and is surrounded by residential housing on all sides. This park is part of the Green Dog program.

Park History

The park is one among the six lots bought by the Town atop Aspinwall Hill in 1945 for recreational purposes. Formerly known as Addington Park, this property was opened for recreational purposes in October 1950. In 1955, the park was rededicated and named after Lotta Bradburn Schick, a woman long involved in municipal affairs in Brookline. She was a member of the School Committee for 15 years and a Town Meeting member from 1925. She first ran for School Committee in 1925, being endorsed by the Brookline Public School Association. She was voted in the 1929 election. She was born in Connecticut and attended Wellesley College where she received her master's in French. She taught French in New Jersey for several years. Her father was a pioneer paper manufacturer of Holyoke who moved to Hartford. In the mid-1920s, she established the Katherine Bradburn Cup (in memory of her daughter) for the senior girl in the High School excelling in scholarship and athletics. She was a pioneer in the movement for school pensions; chairman of the scholarship fund committee of the Brookline Women’s Club; she provided money for eleven girls to attend college; other interests included advocating school control of lunchrooms with standard menus (vs. concessionaires); maintenance of adequate medical and nursing services; and provision of proper recreational facilities and classes for students needing special instruction. She was also instrumental in the formation of the Aspinwall Hill Associates and started the movement for a municipal golf course. In 1932 and 1934, Lotta Schick ran in the primary for a seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. In 1942, she ran for Selectman. She drove the first ball at the official opening of the Putterham Meadows Golf Course, being honored as the person who was the moving spirit in its establishment. The park was completely renovated in 1997 and 1998 with Town funds.

Park Renovation Project

The renovation of Lotta Bradburn Shick will include the complete replacement and reimagining of the basketball court, the 2-5 and 5-12 play areas, new site furnishings throughout the park, accessible pathways within the park, and repair of the entrance stairs and site wall. Evaluation of existing trees and the new plantings for the next generation of trees.  Reworking the grading and repairs to the drainage system to direct runoff appropriately.

Project Updates

We are starting the Design Review Committee process for Lotta Bradburn Shick. 

Design Review Committee Public Meeting Dates:

We invite you to participate in our REMOTE public design review process for improvements to Schick Park. The Design Review Meetings are an opportunity to provide feedback and discuss proposed improvements to Schick Park. Proposed improvements include:

  • Universal access within the park;
  • Treatment of the park’s perimeter including the stone retaining wall and stairs on Addington Road;
  • Redesign of a new playground, including play equipment for all ages and resilient safety surfacing;
  • Site furniture and destinations for seating and picnicking throughout the park;
  • Tree assessment and planting for the next generation of shade trees;
  • Modifying the grading and drainage to direct runoff appropriately.
  • Creation of a Friends Group for Lotta Bradburn Schick Park.

During the design review process, the Brookline Parks and Open Space Division works with neighbors, stakeholders, and park visitors to create or reinvigorate the Friends Group at that particular park.  Park Friends Groups are volunteer organizations that support and advocate for specific Brookline Parks. As we begin the redesign process for Schick Park, we want to create a Friends of Schick Park!  

If you would like further information on this project and/or process please reach out to Aaron Kraemer, Landscape Architect with the Parks and Open Space Division, who will be leading this process. He can be reached at 617-264-6490 or [email protected].