Leaves & Flood Prevention

DPW needs your help! Heavy rain and wind storms leave a lot of downed trees, limbs and organic debris on the ground. While DPW works feverishly to clean up from this storm, the leaves along the street gutter line and sidewalks block flow into our storm drains and cause flooding. Our street sweepers are out daily every weekday cleaning the streets. We have over 3,560 storm drains in the street and even after we clear leaves and debris, more leaves migrate from the tree border and get carried along the gutter line with each new rain event.

We are asking for your assistance to help us prevent future flooding! Please remove any leaves that have accumulated on the tree border (grass area between the sidewalk and curb) and near the street gutter line in front of your home and please do not blow leaves from private property into the street (unless your landscaper is collecting them for disposal). Even if you do not have a storm drain in front of your house, this is important to do. Clean streets create safer roadways for bicyclists and pedestrians (wet leaves are slick) and help prevent localized flooding. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you are unable to remove the leaves yourself and notice a clogged drain, please report it to Water/Sewer via BrookONLine.

Storm Drain and tree border covered with leaves.

Storm Drain and tree border covered with leaves.

Functional storm drain after leaf litter was removed.

Functional storm drain after leaf litter was removed