Personal Property

Helpful Personal Property Information

Please see the Personal Property Tax Brochure (PDF) for an overview of personal property assessment & taxation. In addition, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue has a very good Frequently Asked Questions page on their website.

Personal Property Tax Return

All businesses operating in the Town of Brookline are required to file a Form-of-List, or Personal Property Tax Return, on State Tax Form 2 by March 1, 2023 with the Board of Assessors. The forms have been revised to reflect 2010 legislation that gives assessors the power to audit returns. See below to download the State Tax Form 2.

Small Personal Property Account Exemption

Starting in Fiscal Year 2009, the Town of Brookline adopted the small business personal property account exemption. All personal property accounts with an assessed value of less than $5,000 are granted a full exemption. The Select Board and the Board of Assessors adopted this policy to support Brookline's small independent businesses.

Personal Property Forms