Fire Prevention Division


The Brookline Fire Department is conducting 26F and 26 F½ inspections on a case-by-case basis. This is due to the command staff of the Brookline Fire Department having to divert department members to alternate emergency duties and not wanting to risk exposure to our frontline personnel. The Fire Prevention Staff is working as a skeleton crew with limited ability and time to conduct these inspections.

Governor Baker has provided a provision that allows for the real estate transaction to occur without the 26F and 26 F½ inspection. An agreement would need to be signed by the buyer and seller that indicates that the buyer would become the responsible party to ensure the inspection will eventually happen. The inspection would need to be conducted within 90 days of the state of emergency being lifted, otherwise the property would no longer have clear title.


The Fire Prevention responsibilities include:

  • Enforcement of all fire laws and ordinances
  • Issuance of fire safety permits
  • Investigation of all fires
  • Forwarding of appropriate reports to the state fire marshal
  • Education of the public regarding fire prevention topics and techniques
  • Management of in-service fire company inspections
  • Addressing of citizen complaints regarding fire safety issues
  • Approval of building plans relating to fire protection
  • Supervision of the permit fee schedule and associated inspections

Division Goal

The goal of the Fire Prevention Division is to coordinate townwide fire prevention and fire inspection programs in order to reduce the number of fires and resultant casualties, and reduce property damage.

Fee Schedule (PDF)

Additional Information

For your convenience, Fire Prevention accepts MasterCard® and Visa® credit cards for permits and inspections.

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Plan Reviews

The Brookline Fire Prevention Division requires that the following guideline be adhered to when submitting plans for review. Plans are required for any new or alterations to a fire suppression system or fire alarm system. Plans may also be required when an occupancy user group changes.

Third Party Review Assistance (PDF)

BDA Bi Directional Antenna Requirements (PDF)

Massachusetts State Department of Fire Services