Second Grade S.A.F.E. Presentation

The Second grade S.A.F.E. presentation targets children ages 7 to 8 and is approximately 30 minutes in length. This course builds on principles introduced in the previous presentations for kindergarten through first grade. Reviewed concepts include “stop, drop, and roll”, crawling under smoke on hands and knees to exits, and reporting behaviors with the addition of 911.

Integrating New & Reviewed Information

This presentation integrates new and reviewed information into an individual escape plan. Each child will be asked to focus on his or her home, taking into consideration that a home can be many things (an apartment, house, condominium, etc.).

Children will learn to identify the rooms in their home, determine an appropriate meeting place for family members during an emergency, feel doors for heat, exit safely, and the “get out, stay out” concept.

Additional Information

Students will be encouraged to begin a dialog at home and possibly implement a working escape plan with the help of their caregiver. Safety and prevention / motor skill development strands are covered.