Smoke Detector Inspections

Requesting an Inspection

  1. First, register an account on our online permit portal, Accela. Follow this guide:
    you may skip this step if you already have an account.
    Guide to Registering
  2. Then, open our guide to apply for an inspection on Accela.
    Guide to Applying
  3. Click the following link to open Accela and follow the steps in the Guide to Applying.
    Apply for an Inspection
  4. Only after you recieve an Approval Code, fill out this form to get an inspection. The Approval code is at the bottom of the form you receive from the Fire Inspector.
    Enter Approval Code

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Smoke Detector Certificates of Compliance

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 148, Section 26F requires that all properties being sold be inspected by the Fire Department for compliance with smoke detector regulations. For more information about smoke detector regulations, please visit the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website.

Request Smoke Detector Inspection Online

By Registering Online you will be able to printout your 26F Certificate from home or the office. This is the certificate required by banks to pass real estate papers.

Inspections are done 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM Monday–Friday excluding holidays. Please select 3 dates at least 14 days away that you can be available for the inspection. You must know if the residence is connected to a central station alarm company such as ADT. If so, a technician from the alarm company must be present. Failure to have the alarm company there will result in immediate failure of the test. Below are additional guidelines and a link to the State laws governing smoke and carbon monoxide requirements.

The State has issued new guidelines regarding the inspection of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for the sale of 1 and 2 family homes. One of the major concerns is the age of the detector. The homeowner is responsible for showing proof that the detectors meet the new code and are under 10 years old. If the homeowner cannot show proof and the detector appears to be over 10 years old – e.g., significant discoloration - fire personnel will fail the inspection. Fire Department personnel will not take down detectors to check the age.

It is highly recommended that the owner have their detectors checked before the Fire Department comes to inspect their residence. It is recommended that the homeowner replace any detectors whose age is uncertain. View the guidelines for meeting the law’s requirements (PDF).

NEST Smoke Detector and CO System Rules

  1. Battery operated NEST Smoke/CO detectors are allowed for residential smoke detector coverage if the home or condo:
    a. Was built prior to 1975
    b. Has not been substantially renovated
  2. Hardwired (120 volt) NEST devices are allowed in residences that were built or substantially renovated between 1975 and 2008
  3. Homes built after 2008 with a garage are required to have heat detectors in the garages. NEST does not presently produce or support a device that is in compliance with the heat detector requirement. Therefore, NEST systems are not allowed in homes built or substantially renovated since 2008.

Questions? Please email BA Support at [email protected].