Data / Map Requests

Data Requests

Several commonly requested GIS data layers are available for download on our Maps & Apps page. 

If you are looking for standard GIS data that doesn't exist on the Open Data section of our Maps & Apps page, please email Jed Fehrenbach, GIS Manager, or call 617-264-6487.

If you are interested in custom data, please see that section below on this page.

Map Requests

Most maps are available for download on our Maps & Apps page (scroll down to "Enter Map Library") or go directly to the library Here. If you are interested in a custom made map, please see below.

Custom Data / Map Requests

You can also order custom data or maps* as well by filling out the appropriate form and sending it to us.  For any custom data or map service, please note that there is a fee that is billed hourly.

3 Steps to Request a Custom Map* or Custom Data:

  1. Download either the Custom Map Request Form (PDF)* or the GIS Digital Data Request Form (PDF)
  2. Fill out the form and scan or save it.
  3. Email the completed form to Jed Fehrenbach, GIS Manager. You will be contacted with a quote for the services and as to whether a deposit is required.

*Please note that we no provide printing services for either standard maps or custom maps. Custom maps are delivered electronically in a digital format upon receipt of payment.