About the Health Department

Department Goals

Among the steps taken by the department in seeking this goal are:

  • The control of existing and potential environmental hazards
  • The provision of health education and clinical health services, with emphasis on the prevention and early detection of chronic diseases and the improved management of lifestyle issues affecting health
  • The delivery of services dealing with conditions resulting from the abuse of drugs or alcohol
  • The control of communicable diseases

The provision of a range of health services at a per-capita cost of 3.5¢ per day is evidence of the cost-effectiveness of the public health services available to the community.

Reflecting on a year of achievements!

As we step into 2024, the Brookline Department of Public Health and Human Services is thrilled to share some incredible milestones from 2023:

Cheers to a Happy, Healthy New Year! We're excited to keep advancing health equity and enhancing the wellbeing of Brookline residents in 2024. Here's to another year of progress and prosperity!