Director's Office

Our Vision

Our vision is an inclusive community that is healthy, safe, connected and equitable for all!

Our Mission

The mission of the Brookline Department of Public Health and Human Services is to preserve, protect & promote the physical, mental, and environmental health of the Brookline Community.  We collaborate with partners to reduce health inequities and respond to emerging public health challenges.

Department Goals

Among the steps taken by the department in seeking this goal are:

  • The control of existing and potential environmental hazards
  • The provision of health education and clinical health services, with emphasis on the prevention and early detection of chronic diseases and the improved management of lifestyle issues affecting health
  • The delivery of services dealing with conditions resulting from the abuse of drugs or alcohol
  • The control of communicable diseases

The provision of a range of health services at a per-capita cost of 3.5¢ per day is evidence of the cost-effectiveness of the public health services available to the community.

Human Services Divisions

The Human Services Divisions provide support to the Human Relations, Women’s, and Disability Commissions, and field a range if Human Services programs, including support to the Domestic Violence Roundtable. They have responsibility for ADA compliance and house the town’s Affirmative Action Officer.

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