The Human Resources Board shall:

  • Provide general recommendations for the Human Resources Program
  • Adjudicate grievances and/or complaints arising under the provisions of this bylaw or policies / plans established hereunder
  • Adjudicate grievances arising under the provisions of the town labor contracts as provided by such contracts or as assigned by the Select Board
  • Review and approve, subject to staffing levels established by the Select Board, the title or classification, and pay Grade of each new or changed position subject to this bylaw, prior to Select Board final budget review and/or the effective date of any of the title / classification or pay grade changes
  • Perform special studies or projects as requested by the Select Board
  • Report at least annually to the Select Board regarding the human resources program / practices and any recommended changes therein
  • Consider and recommend to the Select Board the adoption, modification, and elimination of human resources policies

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