Hancock Village Planning Committee


  • Nancy Daly
    Board of Selectmen
  • Roger Blood
    Zoning Bylaw Committee
  • Elizabeth Childs
    School Committee
  • Jerry Kampler
    Planning Board
  • Mike Jacobs
    Housing Advisory Board
  • Linda Leary
    Preservation Commission
  • Marcus Quigley
    Conservation Commission
  • Josh Safer
  • Paul Saner
    Economic Development Advisory Board

  • Residents (5 members)
    • Mike Berger
      Town Meeting Member (TMM)
    • David Day
      Neighborhood Rep
    • James Friedman
    • Scott Gladstone
    • Joyce Zak
      Neighborhood Representative
  • Alternates
    • Robin Koocher
    • Irene Scharf


The Hancock Village Planning Committee is charged with implementing the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan by working with the community, the property owner and other interested stakeholders to develop:

  • A set of planning goals for the future of Hancock Village related to affordable housing, historic preservation, open space, and other issues coming out of the Comprehensive Plan.
  • A realistic scenario or scenarios for the future development of Hancock Village, that follows from these planning goals.
  • Any proposed zoning language for a Planned Development District or other appropriate zoning changes that may follow from that work.

The Hancock Village Planning Committee is expected to complete a set of planning goals by April, 2009; scenario development by June 2009; and any proposed zoning language by August 2009, in time for the warrant for Fall 2009 town meeting.