Emerald Necklace Bicycle & Pedestrian Crossings

Existing Conditions / Background Information

The Riverway and Olmsted Park are part of the Emerald Necklace, a 19th century linear park system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. The parks offer many recreational opportunities and are widely used by bicyclists and pedestrians as a path of travel. The Riverway and Olmsted Park are separated by Route 9 (Washington Street in Brookline and Huntington Avenue in Boston).

The current condition for bicyclists and pedestrians traveling between the Riverway and Olmsted Park is through a break in the median on Washington Street at Pond Avenue and River Road in Brookline. The crossing does not have any signage, pavement markings, or traffic control devices.

View the Emerald Necklace Crossing Map (PDF) for the complete study area.

Project Objective

The Town of Brookline would like to explore safety and connectivity options at this connection and the need to develop a preferred alternative that could be advanced to develop a final design solution which will:

  • Increase the connection between the Emerald Necklace Parks included in the project area
  • Improve the ability of pedestrians and bicycles to cross Route 9 (Washington Street)
  • Reduce confusion and improve the overall circulation of all modes
  • Make the area more attractive and livable

Construction Documents would then be prepared and be advertised for construction under the Massachusetts Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

The town will also seek conceptual designs for the Brookline Avenue, Parkway Road and Netherlands Road crossings in the Riverway, including the associated bicycle and pedestrian pathway connections between them and treatment of the historic landscape.

Project Team

The Brookline Board of Selectmen has created the Emerald Necklace Bicycle and Pedestrian Crossings Committee (ENBPCC) comprised of representatives from various boards, commissions, and local organizations to manage this project. The Town of Brookline has also contracted with Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. (GPI), in coordination with Alta Planning + Design and Pressley Associates, to provide quality and cost-effective planning and design services.

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please email Robert Kefalas or call 617-730-2316.

View meeting minutes.