The Parks and Open Space Division maintains and improves the historic Old Burying Ground Cemetery and the Walnut Hills Cemetery. The Walnut Hills and Old Burying Ground Cemeteries total 48.5 acres.

The 45-acre Walnut Hills Cemetery landscape is designed to enhance the beauty of native trees, shrubs, grave areas, glacial boulders and the unique Roxbury Puddingstone. Roads and pathways lead up and down the slopes of the older burial areas and through the newer lawn settings. Since its opening in 1875, the Centennial year of the start of the American Revolution, the Cemetery has become a rural oasis in an urban environment. Remembrance of history and appreciation of funerary art were prevalent in the 19th century.

The success of the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution integrated egalitarian ideals with goals of conservation and preservation of a unique historical site. The Cemetery is on the National and State Registers of the Historic Places, and is now part of the Charles-to-Charles Corridor linking many green areas including Larz Anderson Park, D. Blakely Hoar Wildlife Sanctuary, and portions of the Emerald Necklace.

Walnut Hills Cemetery Trustees' Vision

The vision of the Trustees of the Walnut Hills Cemetery is to commemorate the deceased in surroundings of beauty and tranquility that provide comfort and inspiration to the bereaved and the public, and to offer comprehensive cemetery services to all faiths.

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