Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations Concerning Visitors

  1. The Walnut Hills Cemetery is open for visitation from sunrise to sunset.
  2. No vehicles shall be turned around except at points where avenues intersect. No vehicle shall be driven at a speed in excess of fifteen (15) miles per hour in the Cemetery.
  3. All persons are prohibited from writing upon or otherwise defacing any monument, fence, sign or other structure within or belonging to the Cemetery.
  4. All persons are prohibited from gathering any flowers, either wild or cultivated, or from breaking or otherwise injuring any tree, shrub or plant, or from annoying birds, squirrels or other harmless animals within the Cemetery.
  5. Dogs will not be admitted into the Cemetery unless leashed.
  6. All noisy and disorderly persons will be expected from the Cemetery.

Rules and Regulations Concerning Lots

  1. 1. All lots shall be indivisible except the approval of the Trustees.
  2. No proprietor shall suffer the remains of any person to be deposited in his lot or grave for compensation of any kind.
  3. No lot shall be enclosed by a wall, fence, coping, hedge, or by any boundary whatsoever; but the limits of each lot shall be marked at each corner by suitable markers and these posts shall be sunk in the ground so that the tops shall be below the surface of the ground. Each lot shall be legibly numbered in a manner to be approved by the Trustees.
  4. No monument, tomb or structure of any kind shall be erected on any lot without first being approved by a vote of the Trustees. No monument or other structure of white marble shall be erected on any lot. Foundations for monuments shall be put in under the supervision of the Superintendent at a reasonable charge for material and labor. No foundations for monuments shall be put in between November 15 and April 1 of any year except by special permission of the Superintendent.
  5. The Trustees shall have the right to prohibit and/or remove from any lot such trees, shrubs and other articles as may in their judgment, be detrimental to the Cemetery.
  6. No tree, shrub, or other plant shall be set in any lot, or cut down or removed there from without the approval of the Trustees. The superintendent shall be instructed to remove all unauthorized plantings on lots.
  7. All lots, when sold, shall be trenched, graded, sodded and prepared by the Superintendent, who shall also provide and set the boundary posts; and all such work shall be done without extra expense to the purchaser, the cost of such work having been included in the price per square foot paid for the lot.
  8. No single grave shall be marked by a headstone of material other than slate or polished dark Quincy granite. It shall be without a base and shall not exceed three feet high, two feet wide and five inches thick if of granite.
  9. Every interment without cremation shall be enclosed in a container of concrete or such other permanent material as may be approved by the Trustees, or made in such a manner as the Trustees shall consider sufficient to prevent the settling of the earth above.

Effective October 1, 2000, the following Articles shall be permitted in the Cemetery:

  • Cut flowers in good condition;
  • Live flowers and ground cover, planted in the ground or in a single container;
  • Seasonal holiday decorations, between December 1 and January 31;
  • Artificial flowers in good condition, between November 15 and April 15;
  • All such articles must be planted or placed within twelve (12) inches of the base of the monument;
  • All other articles may be removed and discarded by Cemetery staff.

By-Law Concerning Dog Waste Section 8.67(b) Removal of Dog Waste

It shall be the duty of each person who owns, possesses or controls a dog to pick up and dispose of any feces left by such dog on any sidewalk, tree lawn, gutter, street, park or other public area, or on any private property that is not owned or occupied by such person. No person owning, possessing or controlling a dog shall appear with such dog on any sidewalk, tree lawn, gutter, street, park or any other public area without having the means of removal of any feces left by such dog in his or her possession. For the purpose of this section, the means of removal ' shall be any container, tool, implement or other device that is carried for the purpose of picking up, containing, and disposing of dog feces in an appropriate receptacle.

Penalties for violation of this section shall be in accordance with the penalties appearing in section 8.69 of these By-Laws. The provisions of this section shall not apply to persons working with guard dogs.