Public Shade Tree Removal

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 87 protects public shade trees.

The Brookline Parks and Open Space Division does not remove town trees without good reason. The town will not remove trees because they drop leaves or acorns, because it has grown too large or shades a private lawn, or because it is not conveniently located. The removal of public shade trees requires a public hearing in front of the Tree Planting Committee and the Tree Warden as prescribed by state law.

How to Request Tree Removal

If you wish to pursue the removal of a public shade tree you begin by submitting a written request to the Tree Warden, which must state your name and address, the location of the tree you are requesting be removed, and the reason for the request. This will then begin the process, which will include a public hearing, and culminate in a decision by the Tree Warden and the Tree Planting Committee either approving or denying the requested removal.